Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Blood Rune Valhalla Rating, Transmutation and Slimes

Work continues at a steady pace on the development of Blood Rune. Here are the highlights:

A new dungeon location that can be found is the chasm. A strong wind blows the poor player towards his doom in this area...

*Valhalla Rating
All play throughs are now accompanied by a detailed breakdown of what the player did and this is scored up as his or her 'Valhalla Rating'. Contributing factors are all shown on the game over/won game screen and include how many rooms were explored, damage inflicted, damage taken and so forth. If the Valhalla Rating is pitiful, the game laughs and jeers at the player!

*New spell effects
I just wasn't happy with the existing spell effects (which were a bit weak in my opinion). They were adequate for the competition version of the game where time was tight and the whole engine was being built from scratch in just three weeks. Since then I have had more time to really redo these effects and add punch. The black hole spell has got a new almost full screen effect while the Boom spell is far more immediate and satisfying.

Evil slimes now populate the dungeons. They subdivide into more slimes either as time progresses or when struck by the player. The slimes are a hazard and they can eat the player! These are inspired by the gooey blob from the original Chaos game which I remember fondly from the 1980s.

*Transmutation spell
Turn unwanted equipment into gemstones with this spell. Be careful though, at low ranks you may just get dust back. Good to use on wrecked armour.


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