Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Blood Rune Spells

For the competition, the tight timescale meant that BloodRune had just four spells in it. These were Stormforce (a mass lightning zapper), Heal Shield (a health regenerator over time effect), Black Hole (sucks enemies into it and eats them) and Boom (big area effect blast). It may not sound like a lot but it did cover a lot of ground, especially when you consider that for the competition the game only had to provide an hours gameplay. Spells are also ranked from 1-12 which determines the relative power levels and so really there are 4*12=48 different spell scrolls to find. Spells are learned from scrolls and go into a spell book that can hold up to 9 different spell variations. Since the competition two more spells have been added:

* Bolt

Bolt fires a magical bolt out, initially forwards and is a low cost and fairly low damaging spell (per bolt). At higher ranks more bolts fan out around the player on casting until at rank 12 you get what you see in the screenshot. Bolt is particularly effective against multiple enemies and at later ranks, when surrounded. It also allows the player to put distance between himself and the enemy and maintain it if the player is fast enough and uses the run option (mapped to the shift key).

This replicates the effect of holding the torch in the offhand, without having to do that, freeing the offhand up for a shield or to be used with a two handed weapon. Higher ranks mean that the duration of the spell improves. Another way to improve the duration of the spell is to level up the hero's mana. This applies to the Heal Shield spell too.

*Black hole
Since the compeition version, the black hole has been upgraded to also swallow items. This is generally not good for the player but helps to balance out a powerful, potentially room clearing, spell.

There will be more spells to come in Blood Rune as the development continues.

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