Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A new campaign!

Well, I ceased running the old Labyrinth Lord campaign after it reached a logical conclusion and put down the role of DM for a few months.

Recently, I decided to take a look at the D&D Cyclopedia, which I've had ever since I was at school but have never actually used as a ruleset by itself. Seeing that the levels rose all the way up to 36 got me thinking... perhaps a campaign, using the Cyclopedia as the ruleset, would be fun!

So I began cataloging which optional rules we would use and made a decision early on; to try and run the rules as they were written with no house rules at all. I made this clear to the original two players of my Labyrinth Lord campaign and asked if they would like to take part. Both of them replied saying, yes, they'd missed the adventuring, and would love to.

Three sessions have now passed. I was originally thinking of running one session every two weeks, but so far, it's been one a week, although I may reduce it to one every two weeks in attempt to avoid any feelings of grinding (which would only really occur on my part). So ... it's a an early success! A one session experiment has led to three sessions... and I'm thinking of now starting the design of a mega dungeon to turn this into a fully fledged campaign.

I already have the setting: a desert area with the party members based in the City of Vultures, which is proving to be very flavoursome and unlike anything we've tried in the past. We've had more roleplaying going on that in the past, and the random encounter reaction tables certainly spice things up a bit, playing strictly by the rule set. The setting too is rich in content to explore, giving me ample space to insert the party guilds into the political groups and start the intrigue off. The party consists of a cleric and a thief, an interesting combination, and they'll be getting reinforcements from their guilds shortly. The thief has yet to find his guild, as finding your guild is one of the mini adventures that I put in for first level characters.

Anyway, ... the adventure is on!