Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Myth vs the Machines

I had an idea at the weekend for a game where mankind is under attack by machines and its greatest heroes and mythical beasts assemble to fight them off.

I'd make this as a computer roleplaying game, throwing together a raytracer I have with a pixel graphic single screen battle engine for the fights and have it run through a web browser. It would be an old school type game at heart, but instead of utilising the familiar classes or their variants (e.g. fighter, mage, cleric, thief) you'd recruit from heroes of legend and mythical beasts.

Of course, I'd probably need testers for it.

The idea of android villians being melted by dragon fire and turned into scrap is strangely appealing to me ;-)


smayonak said...

I think this is a pretty fantastic idea and have a lot of commentary on the subject.

Here's what I like about your brief sketch:

* heroes of legend as characters, rather than the stereotypically dull fighter/thief/wizard (and sometimes cleric) lineup. Although the majority of legendary figures either fall into one of several of these categories.

* the possibility of having Gilgamesh and Merlin in the same adventuring party.

* the theme of technology versus magic. Or in modern terms, romanticism against reason.

Here's what I would add or modify:

First, instead of evil androids as the enemies, what about aliens? It would be interesting if you were to weave all the monsters of myth into an overarching fiction, capable of connecting cultures and mythologies, across centuries. To illustrate this point, imagine an extradimensional alien race, bent on enslaving humanity - to achieve their nefarious ends, they build monstrous chimera from earth's life forms - manticore, griffons and so on.

* I am particularly enamored with the concept of time travel - if these extra dimensional creatures were not bound by time - say, if they inhabited an extradimensional/non-linear "crossroads" - they could appear in any culture, in any time frame. Imagine elite teams of legendary figures, pulled from throughout world history by magical forces, traveling through these same crossroads, in order to do battle with monstrous alien hybrids.

Your idea drips with the potential for awesomeness!!

The Recursion King said...


You've provided some delicious food for thought there... Lots for me to mull over!

I should have a quick mini demo up and ready in about a week and a half which would be proof of concept as I have most of the engine code already done now and I have some spare time next week.

Would it be ok to use you as a tester?

smayonak said...

Heck yeah I'd like to be a tester!!!