Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fantasy magazine about to disappear...'s looking for more lifeblood with some new subscribers or it may shut down for good. I stumbled across this story on Blackgate about Realms of Fantasy, a magazine for fantasy fiction, and feel it is a real shame if it comes to pass that it disappears.

I cannot recommend the magazine personally as I have not yet read it, but I've plumped down the money for a subscription because I did not even know that there were magazines offering new fantasy fiction still left.  Perhaps it's because I am in the UK, or maybe I'm just a bit out of touch with these things. Anyhow if you think about many of the famous authors in the past that helped define the genre, they were writing their stories for magazines (Howard's Conan, Burrough's John Carter of Mars).

If like me, you enjoy original fantasy fiction, why not give it a try. It'd be shame for these things to disappear, we may just miss them when they're gone...

The Black Gate story about Realms of Fantasy.