Friday, 8 January 2010

Using Wizards 4E Miniatures in Labyrinth Lord

Happy new year everyone!

I quite like Wizards of the Coast's miniature ranges. In fact, I have quite a few on display in my living room. The Gargantuan dragons are excellent, and I look forward to the day when I can put my group against them.

Not only have some rare monsters come out of the miniature lines but with each one you also get a nice little stat card for the critter, normally with stats on it for the D&D miniatures game and sometimes for the 4th Edition game itself. Now I don't play 4th edition, but I do like the stat cards. Why? Because you can use them as boss monsters and leaders.

I've devised a little system for converting the stats from the cards for the miniatures game, back into Labyrinth Lord. This has to be done because the base damage the creatures inflict is too high to be used as is (a minimum of 5 points is too high).

AC is the easiest one to convert. Simply take the value from 20, because the system begins at 10 and counts up. So AC 11 would become AC 9, AC 21 would become AC -1.

Next up is hitpoints. I don't know about you, but I'm happy keeping those the way they are. Nasty boss fights ensue!

The last one I convert is damage. I do this like so:

5 points = d4
10 points = d8
15 points = d12
20 points = 2d8
25 points = 2d10
30 points = 3d8
35 points = 3d10
40 points = 4d8
50 points = 2d20
100 points = 4d20

This is till very nasty, in terms of raw damage output, but not nearly as bad, especially as the average damage pulls it towards the middle of the range. For example, 4d20 will average 42, considerably less nasty than 100 points. Of course, I don't expect to wield a creature like this in an encounter until the party hit maximum level.

The to hit rolls are fairly easy for me, since I can translate them back to THAC0 by simply taking away from 20. In my group, it's even easier, as I get my players to roll defence rolls (sort of a reverse attack roll, a d20 minus their AC, a modified higher roll is better for them) and can use them as is with that system.

Also speed is nice and easy for me since we fight our battles on a hex system, built using the Heroscape tiles, so I can directly relate it to hexes per round.

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Kiltedyaksman said...

I use a set of mini-lite rules in my LL game