Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New spell : Detect Weapons

Detect Weapons
Level 1
Sphere: Divination
Range 10' per level of the caster
Area of Effect 30' square

This spell is often employed by court wizards and mages that are hired by the royal court, to provide an extra layer of security for rulers. Some High Temples also employ hedge wizards who use this spell, from the shadows, too.

Upon casting, the all weapons within a thirty foot square area will immediately glow a bright red that shows through clothing. In addition, the caster will instantly know what weapons all within the area have in their possession, concealed or not. He will not know if a weapon is magical (i.e. it does not identify it), nor how much ammunition is possessed if a weapon requires it. If a weapon requires assembly and is not assembled, then if any of its parts would be considered weapons (for example, an iron pipe could be wielded as a club) then these will be revealed to the caster, too.

Proof against scrying may defeat this spell at the DM's discretion.


Anonymous said...

Interesting spell, a logical application of divination magic.

But what about, say, a wand of magic missiles, would it be considered a weapon by this spell? What about an eating knife? How, exactly does the spell define weapons?

The Recursion King said...

I'd leave this open to the DM to interpret, but for me I would count both of those as weapons as one exists to slay another and the other to slice open flesh.

A wand of charming might pass the spell undetected, however, and required a detect magic spell and / or identify to spot, however.

希望 said...