Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The mindless; the enemy of the sentient

Sometimes crazy ideas come to me in fits of creativity and I feel like sharing them through my blog to get other opinions. This is one of those posts.

Wandering monsters are often sentient creatures, but really, why are they? They arrive, mostly fight the party and hopefully are defeated. So why not make all wandering monster lists mindless creatures? By mindless I mean vermin, oozes, zombies and so on.

I'm considering going down this route and seeing what happens. I can even tie it into my light vs dark campaign mythology. Perhaps, the mindless are creatures of the dark, making most sentient races creatures of the light. This might give my campaign a lovecraftian feel as a consequence and it might fit in well: the heroes of the light and its sentient races trying to hold back a tide of the mindless dark and its evil, intelligent manipulators.


Noumenon said...

Careful if you have anyone whose character concept includes talking his way past monsters (in my case, I was a wizard with a lot of Rainbow Pattern and Suggestion spells that only got to fight mindless brutes).

The Recursion King said...

Good point there. Thanks for the tip.