Monday, 21 December 2009

First encounter with a dragon

We've had a sudden flurry of snow over the past few days and many of the roads weren't gritted. This caused transport problems for most of my players, meaning I ran a solo session last night for the player who lives within walking distance of my house. It was a good session, memorable for a few reasons, but mostly for an encounter with a dragon.

The elf was making his way through the Overgrowth - a vast, overgrown and dangerous forest that the locals reckon has been overrun by demons. A mysterious fortress sprang up almost over night within the Overgrowth but a week previously. A visit to a sooth sayer confirmed that the fortress and Rendclaw - a demon that the party mage released from his icey prison - are linked. Vowing to sort this mess out, the elf ventured off alone into the tangled mass of undergrowth and tree branches.

Within this place, he fought many battles and overcame numerous obstacles. He found a trail with large, clawed animals tracks running down it and recognised them as belonging to a dragon. Unperterbed, he continued down the trail. The trail began to grow cold, the briars and bracken becoming freezing, his breath becoming visible in front of his face. The elf, wearing the Mantle of the Ice bear, was unaffected by the cold, and continued on.

Now the party have an average level of seven, about the right sort of level to drop a dragon into the adventures and see what happens. So, this is what I had done and this is what I was about to find out.

The elf continues down the icey path, noting how sudden the temperature has changed. The path opens out into a clearing and the elf makes himself invisible to animals. He then spies a white, reptilian beast eating a wolf. It looks up and he's unsure if its seen him.

The player considers what to do. He looks at his character sheet, his spell cards and his weapons... and decides to try and fight the white dragon - on his own!

He entangles the dragon. Tree roots, plants and vines wrap around the great beast, holding it in place, and he fires an enchanted arrow from his magical bow at the creature. His aim is true and he scores an injury. Then, it opens its mouth and a great blast of incredible cold issues forth like icey death, freezing plants and chilling the elf to the bone. He rolls out of the way but still takes some of the damage.

The player panics and runs away as fast as his legs can carry him!

This is the first encounter any of my group have had with a dragon... the elf may not have defeated it, but he lived to tell the tale!

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Noumenon said...

I misread "fortress sprang up overnight" as "forest sprang up overnight" and thought, "What a cool way to hook a ranger!"