Monday, 16 November 2009

Mimic vs Smoke monster

My most recent game session, last night, featured some crazy but cool moments. Recently, the party mage and thief had pulled a couple of artefacts from a dream world into the real world (a dagger that can poison anything and an orb that can imprison souls). The most recent session 's star of the show was probably not a player, but the orb.

The group entered a room with a chest at the back of it. The room was clearly an armory as it was lined with racks of weapons. As they entered the room, one of the fighters accidentally stepped on a trip wire. A bladed pendulum swung downwards, hitting the hero, but he survived. This understandably made the group nervous of other traps within this room, so the wizard decided to release a skeleton that he had previously trapped within the Orb of Dominion, further into the room, to set any remaining traps off.

Everyone else in the group left the room and the mage did indeed do this. Three quarters of the way down the room, the skeleton appeared and came running at the mage to attack him (the imprisoned creatures emerge in a berserk state!). Prepared for this, the mage dispatched the skeleton and trapped it back inside the Orb. Now happy that most of the room did not contain traps, he decided to do the same thing again, but this time to place the skeleton next to the chest.

What the group did not know, was that the chest was a mimic, so when the skeleton appeared bang next to the chest, the mimic attacked! A mouth formed upon the chest and it gobbled up the skeleton!

That was a funny moment!

Cue the rest of the group storming in to the room to fight the mimic, who was then imprisoned with the Orb. A little later, in a fight against a dozen Vokes (smoke monsters) the mimic was released and began gobbling up the enemies. Another funny moment!

After all the monsters had been killed, the party re-defeated the mimic and the wizard once again trapped it within his Orb. I wonder what will face the party's pet mimic next ;-)


Norman Harman said...

Sounds fun.

As a DM I always find situations like that difficult. I feel compelled to take the "game breaking" I win button away. If they keep it I have to come up with new challenges that circumvent it (I firmly believe challengless/riskless game == boring game) but when I do it seems that I'm being a "killer DM" / specifically picking on player with trick.

The Recursion King said...

Oh I'm fine with this, the artefact has some built in game balancing functions... creatures that emerge from it do so in a berserk state and will fight anyone and anything - it must be used with caution.

Also, the danger level in my campaign is quite high anyway, in the battle where they pulled the mimic out, they faced 48 HD of monsters that can each stun for one round on a failed save vs death (my Voke's attempt to stuff their smokey fists into character's mouths and have them fall over gagging and spluttering) - and there were only three players that made it that night, each around 7th level. A number of healing potions got drunk in that fight!

The Recursion King said...

Actually, scratch that, they faced 7x12 = 84 HD in that fight. Three enemies fled towards the end of the fight, scrambling back in to their coffins, and 9 were defeated (9x7 = 63 HD defeated).