Monday, 21 September 2009

Magic Item: The Ring of the Fox

The ring of the fox looks like an ordinary gold ring, save its face is carved in the shape of a fox. It radiates cunning animal magic if detected.

The wearer gains +1 to AC and has her hearing improved drastically. Listen checks gain a +2 bonus while the ring is worn. However, there is a side effect. The wearer begins to crave chickens - and will steal them if able to!


Noumenon said...

"Stealing chickens? Are you crazy?"

"Yeah -- crazy -- like a fox!"

Anonymous said...

If she could buy the chicken, is the wearer still forced to steal them? And what do they do once they have the chickens? (I know what is implied, but do they eat them raw? Can they wait and cook them later?)

The Recursion King said...

However they would normally eat them is how they would do it. Most would cook a chicken, a werewolf character may prefer to eat them raw.

If the wearer could buy the chicken, but could get away with stealing it, theft is the preferred option. The desire for chickens comes from the fox nature of the ring and the fox prefers to use his cunning to get a chicken ;-)