Monday, 24 August 2009

The best villians...

...are the ones that the players release themselves.

In our last game session, the party freed three evils that had been trapped in ice for millenia. The reason they freed them is that information was needed about how to get out a megadungeon that they are themselves trapped within. I was quite surprised that all three villians were released, as each were entombed in ice, in different chambers, beyond a chasm with no way across it that was initially guarded by a wyvern. A strong deterrent - or at least the builders of their prison, centuries ago, had thought.

The three villians, in the order they were released, were Gorrononogria (a gargantuan elder black dragon who wants to rule the world), Lady Gwendolyne (a Succubus who desires all the riches of the land) and Rendclaw (regent of the Darkened Hells and master of the thousand Soul Eaters). Even better, the heroes are now on a mission to reclaim their souls from Rendclaw, who claimed them upon being freed ('Freeing me was unwise!') by bringing the head of the ruler of the Spidercity to the demon. The elder black dragon is now who knows where, presumabley heading for the surface to submit the land to his rule and the succubus is now heading for the city of Blackport after the party mage informed her that the richest man he knew ruled that place of thieves and scum.

The campaign just started to heat up!!


seaofstarsrpg said...

Well, you cannot caim your players have a lack of ambition . . . Now they have three big bads to deal with. Looks like you have you next seasons mapped out.

On the bright side for the PCs, it does not look like that they will have to worry about the freed evils working together.

Dyson Logos said...

Agreed regarding the premise of this post. That's why the level 1 module I posted to my blog on Friday features a 10HD bad-guy as the final monster - not for the players to fight, but for them to run away from, quite likely loosing it upon the unsuspecting villagers nearby.

Jenxstar said...

OMG! Leave Nick alone for 1 session and he goes and loses our souls, nice! lol