Monday, 3 August 2009

Balanced on a knife edge

The last game session of Labyrinth Lord we held was a full house, a rarity these days as its hard to get everyone in on the same week. I mostly run with one or two players down for sure, but last night had everyone and it was a great session.

There were three main encounters in the session, one against a bunch of trolls that the party's friendly sage warned the heroes about. The heroes, of course, ignored the warnings to collect eleven suits of platemail from an abandoned outpost that had been overrun by orcs, but since cleared out, and ran into the trolls. Much fun was had as the party's resident tank went from 35 hp to 6 hp while the party mage was berrating everyone else for being the only one who had bought any oil flasks and torches! At a couple of points in the battle, the heroes ran into trouble with these regenerating beasts from nightmare, and the battle started with a critical fumble on my initiative roll meaning i had to morale check all of the enemies (a new house rule) to see if they held - they did!

Another of our new house rules was put into play on this session: knockbacks cause knockdowns unless a save vs breath weapon is made. This worked beautifully, buying the heroes some extra time to win the fight!

The second encounter was with a talking bridge which the heroes were walking across. Much amusement was had when one of the fighters was thrown off the bridge for insulting it! You have to love the whimsical nature of some of the creatures in D&D!

The third encounter of note was against some shape changers. The party were hugely outnumbered by them and the sixth level thief was almost killed by one of them before one of the fighters saved his life. It was a good fight on a bridge, with the other fighter cleaving multiple opponents at once with a bastard sword (our powerswing house rule in action being put to great effect).

A good session was had by all - the encounters are balanced on a knife edge. The fights got very tense in places.... I don't think I could repeat this level of balance and challenge if I tried!

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