Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Summit: Robbing the ghouls

I've decided to start prepending the titles of blog posts that are write ups of our weekly Labyrinth Lord game sessions using the word Summit, which incidentally, is the name of the game world we are all adventuring in.

This week, I'm also playing around with the format, briefly mentioning the highlights rather than doing a linear report. This way, I won't get any complaints from my players if I leave something out, because I can just use the excuse that it wasn't a highlight, heh heh.

We started the session with a couple of players down, but I have so many now that it doesn't really matter any more. I'm also no longer adverse to expanding the group further for this very reason - the more players the better.

So this week there was Ben, Chris, Nick and Joe. Chris and Nick had to roll up new characters because of their untimely deaths last week and Joe decided to retire his Gnoll in order to do the same. We ended up with a new psychic, fighter and mage. The party consisted of those three, a thief and a dwarf.

The party journeyed back to the courtyard, to finish clearing it out for Baron Thorvid. Highlights of the night included the characters finding a secret door where Chris and Nick knew there was one the week before, but their previous characters couldn't find one. It was with great relief and exclamations of 'I knew it!' that the dead end in the caverns below turned out not to be...

Through the secret door, they find a dead body. The psychic uses his Bone Divining ability to find out who this body once belonged to and learns that it is Gerald Red himself! He learns he was ambushed by troglodytes and then eaten by them. He also learns that Gerald has a magic sword, still on him and a magical ring he is still wearing. Needless to say, these were both taken, one by the psychic and one by Stone Wolf the fighter.

Venturing into the cave proper, the party see a large pool of water. Edging around it, to the back of the cavern, they are ambushed by five stinking troglodytes! In this battle Stone wolf slays four with his magical sword!

Later, the party realise they have cleared the courtyard and return to Castle Thorvid for their reward, which they receive. On the way, however, there is an amusing incident where the party spies three ghouls and a wolf skeleton attempting to cross a river. One of the ghouls is carrying two little boxes, so Terder the party thief decides to try and rob it! A risky strategy!

However, a succeeded pick pocket roll later and he has them! The party ride far, far away before they are spotted and enjoy the spoils of their ill begotten gains.

The night ended with them being hired as guards for a merchant caravan that is travelling south. The gold reward for this is not high, but the distance is short and its almost all on the roads, so the risk should be low. More to come, next week.

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