Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Magic Item - The Hilt of Bastards

This appears to be an unbladed hilt of a bastard sword, that is to say, if it were bladed it could be wielded one or two handed. The pommel is jewelled and there is a runic inscription along the hilt that translates as 'Bladeless'.

Any blade that is attached to the hilt, to make a full sword, will shatter within one day and laughter will be heard.

Once per day, when the command word is spoken, a magical shimmering blade appears, turning the Hilt of Bastards into a fully fledged weapon. The blade can be of differing sizes depending on what the wielder wills it to be: either as a short sword or bastard sword. If the blade is to be short sword sized, it functions as a short sword +2. If bastard sword sized, it functions as a bastard sword +1. The blade glows faintly in the dark but not enough to be used as a light source and cannot fumble in battle.

This blade lasts until another command word is spoken which causes it to vanish, or one year passes, or it is wielded against a female opponent.