Monday, 4 May 2009

The Leveller

What follows is a brief summary of the last session of Labyrinth Lord, one in which Terder Caji and his bodyguard Korm Tigertooth rejoined the party, while Thromm the Gnoll, Thal the Elf, Ginsese the Half Orc and Akern the mage left it. That's bank holidays for you! So the party consisted of Farador (a fighter), Terder (a thief) and Korm (a dwarf).

The evening began with me having a quick run down of the four phase initiative system and asking the players to write down their initiative values and then we were off adventuring once more.

The session began proper with the party exploring the rest of the cavern that they were in earlier and pretty soon they came across a treasure chest, wedged up against a small collection of stalagmites. The thief quickly found a it was trapped with a little blade that would strike at the hands of anyone who didn't know how to open the chest properly; he disarmed this, picked the lock and popped the chest open. Inside, he found a clear jade statue of a preying mantis.

Down another passage, Korm slipped on some loose gravel and sprained his little dwarven ankle. The passage turned out to be a dead end, meaning the only place left to explore was down a fifty foot drop, so the party decide to head to the nearest village - because get this - no one has a rope!

Outside, in the surrounding woodland known as the Everleaf Forest, the heroes notice that the leaves on the trees are turning brown. This is highly unusual for early spring time. Instead, its something you associate more with autumn. In addition, its freezing (sub zero) cold. Falador the fighter suspects evil wizardry is at work in the land.

On their journey to the village, they pass through an ancient crumbling ruin and decide that this could be a good place to rest. One of the ruined buildings has four of its walls mostly intact and a great oak tree going in the middle of it; the party decide this is the place and begin to barricade the walls up while the thief climbs the tree and acts as a lookout.

A gale force wind picks up and the thief holds on tight to the oak. He spies three figures moving through the trees, trying to sneak up on the dwarf and the fighter while they are barricading the walls. He whistles a signal to them and they fall back into the ruins, preparing for a fight!

The winds interfere with the ranged weaponry and not a single blow dart from the thief or arrow from the bandits strike their targets, forcing the real battle to close quarters. The bandits are summarily dispatched, proving no match for the party.

The following day, the party arrive at the village of Veleye and restock their supplies. Items are sold, the market place is explored and winter gear bought for the journey back. Also, a rope is purchased!

On the way back to the caves, the party decide to stop off at the ruin again and sleep there. They bury some gear (including a short sword) here and the thief again climbs the old oak tree. He recoils in horror part way up when he realises he has just put his hand into some green slime! He drops to the ground in shock and begins to turn green... it is wiped off him just in time, before he becomes some green slime himself! That was a close one...

The following day lanterns are lit and the cave is revisited. The drop is found once more and with the use of their new rope, the party safely descend. The party continue to explore the cave system, illuminated only by the flickering of their lights then reach a cavern with two skeletal figures at the edge of their vision. One of them carries a large sword with runes that run down the blade. Both figures are closing in on the group.

The heroes stand their ground and do battle with the undead. Strangely, the skeletal figure does not wield the runic sword against them, instead, worms jump from its skull and attempt to bury themselves in the heads of the heroes. After much smashing of bones, the skeletons are defeated. The fighter claims the two handed sword as his own.

The cavern has no other exits - the party realise they have explored the whole cave system! So, they journey back to the village of Veleye and at least now the temperature in the land is not cold, the weather is just low lying clouds and fairly mild.

Back in Veleye, the sword is identified as the Leveller and is an ancient artefact beyond the skill of many (if not all) who are left alive to forge. It carries a powerful enchantment and proves particularly deadly to a certain type of dragon. A rare find indeed!!

The party journey to Castle Thorvid, during which time it actually snows. The weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Once there, Falador trains with the Fighter's Guild and levels up (now he is level 3!). Also while he is there, he is given an order by the baron - clear out the courtyard of a strange wizard. Falador accepts - it is an order after all from the guildmaster himself, and he has been offered 2500gp on completion. The party set off on their journey to this courtyard.

Part way there, they are waylaid by a pack of snarling wolves!

One is instantly shot dead with a crossbow bolt in its eye before the wolves close in on the fighter, thief and dwarf.

A bloody battle is fought.

Terder gets chewed up pretty badly before the battle is finally won by the heroes!

That wrapped up our evening.

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