Sunday, 19 April 2009

Raising an eyebrow at the Silk Runners

I would like to say a hearty welcome to Nick, who joined our Labyrinth Lord session on sunday - another new player! Later in the game session, he saved the whole party, but I'm getting way ahead of myself!

We were actually down a player as Ben is on holiday for a couple of weeks, depriving the party of its assassin and his dwarven bodyguard. That knocks quite a lot of power from the group in one fell swoop.

Nick decided to roll up a mage, a good choice because party is generally quite low on magical abilities (there is only the elf with his nature magic). You may recall that the party had hired a mage last week but that he had inhaled some poison gas - this gas was slowly killing him.

The Gnoll and the Elf both rejoined the party, having visited their homes. Thromm had been back to his tribe for training, returning to the group on elephant-back (the only animal strong enough to carry a 450 pound, 8 foot tall tower of muscle that he could find!), while the elf had been shopping for a few more elven bows.

The party decide to travel through the night, desperately attempting to take their hired sorceror back to the nearest village before he died. However, within a few hours he begins coughing up blood then finally gives up the ghost. Falador seems disappointed, Khamsin had proved himself in battle and now he is dead. The party take his camel, which Ginsese now rides and Falador takes his curved eastern dagger. Such is the way of chaotic parties!

They continue their travel through the night, but change their destination to their original one: an old tomb they had stumbled across a long time ago. During their travels, they are ambushed by three Silt Runners, little orc like creatures that come screaming out of the night at the party from different directions, no doubt to scare the heroes to death and than loot their bodies. The party is made of much stronger stuff though and fights back!

Farador, the party's fighter, took a beating from one of the Silt Runners, which is then cut to pieces. Another is beheaded by an elven arrow through the neck! The third and final enemy, who seems to be hanging back waiting for an opportunity, is brought down by the Gnoll's bow. The arrow removed its hand at the wrist and it collapsed into unconsciousness out of shock. At both these events, Thal the elf raises his eyebrow.

Searching around, the party find that the Silt Runners had a chest. The chest is locked, but between them, the group managed to bust it open. Inside are some expensive silks. This gives us all a laugh - they're not Silt runners - they are Silk Runners!

At length, the party rests, sleeping through the day and again travelling at night. They are close to the tomb now, but in a small ruin they spy a couple of Gnolls and another Silk Runner. Both groups are surprised to see the other. The Gnolls each carry a chest over their shoulder, but when they put them down and draw weapons, the party prepare for a fight. The elf in particular wants whatever is in the chests...

The Silk Runner is brought down instantly in a hail of arrows and sling bullets!

Ginsese, the party's hench-woman, charges the two Gnolls while the rest of the party hides on a nearby island in the flooded grasslands, but with no support it proves to be her undoing and she is battered back. She beats a hasty retreat to safety and the Gnolls are brought down by missile fire, but she did do a lot of damage with her mace before she was overwhelmed. Brave Ginsese ended up with a broken voice box for her troubles.

Both of the chests are locked and the elf detected that one has poison in it. Both chests were taken and placed in saddle bags but not opened at this point. Instead, the party continue their search for the tomb in the dark. Using the thief's maps, they find it.

Inside the tomb, the rooms are remarkably clean. A stone sarcophagus, shaped like a knight or kingly figure, is discovered. Falador keeps watch while Thromm heaves and with great effort, slides the lid off. Inside it is a skeleton, slowly crumbling away due to the ravages of time (which promptly gets two crossbow bolts in its skull), a bottle with some liquid inside it and a scroll case. The skeleton also wears a ring, which is quickly swiped. The Gnoll decides to drink the liquid, but on opening the seal, smells that the liquid is a healing potion and decides to give it to Ginsese instead as she is badly hurt. The mage opens the scrollcase and carefully pulls out a piece of parchment - it is covered in elven runes and so must be an elf spell. Thal takes the scroll, but he has not got the read magic spell and so will have to wait to find out what spell it contains.

Confidently the party venture further into the tomb. They happen across a room with odd holes in the side walls. Suspecting a trap, Falador throws some items into the room, and when nothing happens, he throws his short sword in too. Thal attempts to push Thromm into the room but is unsuccessful. Falador moves into the room, retreives his shortsword, then he freezes, hearing a scuttling noise all around him. Suddenly, emerging from the holes, are multilegged worm like creatures, pulling themselves into the room, intent on eating him!

Carrion Crawlers close in on our heroes after Falador the fighter beats a hasty retreat - but in a brilliantly creative move by the party mage - the crawlers are foiled by illusionary pits!

This saves the party from almost certain death and pretty much makes it a massacre for the carrion crawlers as they are shot (and polearmed) to pieces from the safety of the other side of the pit.

That wrapped up our game session - I'm not sure if the party will be brave enough to venture any further!

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