Monday, 13 April 2009

Never try and rob a thief!

Our weekly game session kicked off last night with two of the party members leaving to find the Mongelmen Gnoll Tribe for get some training for Thromm; if they stay on schedule they should rendezvous with the rest of the the group next week. In the mean time, the rest of the party had an eventful evening!

Arriving back in the small town of Dewton, the character's witness something falling from the heavens leaving a trail of firey smoke in its wake. It strikes the ground accompanied by a crash of thunder. Going to investigate, they discover an upside down metal pyramid, wedged into the soft earth. With a low humming sound, an opening appears in one of the sides and a man wearing some form of platemail steps out. He is Falamor, a space marine, who has crashed landed on Summit. None of his high tech gear functions except for his heads up display which plots trajectories of projectiles, predator style, giving him a good chance of dodging incoming attacks. He joins the party as Tarantio leaves it, setting off for his chapel in Lyorel on foot.

With their strange companion in tow, who has to abandon his wrecked armour for a suit of chainmail (ouch!) the group hire Khamsin, a sorceror from the east who's camel is stabled in the White Horse inn. After much discussion, they decide that further adventuring into the giant insect caves may prove too dangerous without their other companions (an elf, a gnoll and their hench-lady) and instead that they should head for a tomb that they discovered by chance on their travels some weeks earlier. They buy a horse and a mule, then take the road to Lyorel. They plan on passing through there, then turning north, then leaving the road to head cross country til they reach the tomb.

Half a days travel down the road and they begin to smell smoke. As they crest a rise, they see a great pillar of black reaching to the sky. The grasslands are burning - and they are downwind! The fire moves at an incredible rate towards them, so they kick their horses into a gallop and at length, outrun the grass fire.

They arrive in the small fishing village of Lyorel as the sun is going down, but rather than head for an inn, our chaotic heroes look for a darkened street and a house with no lights on. They divide up, most of them being used as lookouts, while the thief gets to work on the lock of a small cottage. With a slight click, he unlocks the door and creeps inside. The floorboards creak and he is joined by the marine, who when he realises is making more noise, retreats back to the doorway. The thief makes his way through the dark, quiet house. The ground floor is dark and still. The upper floor has two bedrooms, neither occupied. He searches the place quickly, finding two pearls and very little else of interest. The whole party leaves the house as quickly as they came.

Spending the night in the local inn, the a local pickpocket gets into some trouble when he picks the wrong target. Korm Tigertooth is not amused when he realises a local has his hand in one of his pockets and breaks the man's nose. 'A ready smile...' He says to him, '...and a ready fist!' He kicks him out of the common room and into the gutter, where he belongs.

The following day, the party decide to speak to Tarantio but he has not arrived yet, for he was on foot, so they decide to wait for him. They have cooked up a plan where the cleric will give a sermon, distracting the town watch, while they break into every house in the town and rummage through their belongings. In the mean time, they explore the local shops and market place. They take particular interest in a man selling coal in the market place, asking where he buys it from, considering that they could perhaps sell it up at Cavestone to the Dwarves for a profit. They settle on arranging a meeting with this trader in a few weeks to see what sort of deal they can make.

At length, the cleric Tarantio arrives and they run their plan past him. He refuses because it is opposing his own agenda - he wishes to corrupt the locals to join his religion and there won't be any locals if no one wants to live here. He will have no part in it. The party see he has a point and abandon their plan and instead, continue their journey northwards.

They reach the north part of the road and leave it behind, moving cross country now with grassland all around them. They approach a mysterious pile of bodies that reeks; these bodies are rotting under the heat of the sun and have been there for some time. They do not stop to investigate them but continue on their way. They spy a group of skeletons on undead steeds, with bats circling above them, up ahead, moving to intercept them. The party decide to avoid this undead group and take a path that will push take them away; the undead lose interest and the party continues on.

At night, after they have set up camp, the marine is on watch when suddenly he comes face to face with a mounted skeleton not ten feet away. The skeleton stops his horse, which is ghostly, and the two just stare at each other. There is an eery silence. The skeleton of a wolf runs out of the darkness and stops at the skeleton's side. Then, the skeleton turns his mount away and the undead move off into the night.

The following day, the party are almost at the edge of the Everleaf Forest when they spy three figures moving outside of it. There is a dwarf, a man and some kind of forest nymph. Both sides have seen each other and this unusual group changes its path to intercept the party. There is some parlying when the groups come within ear shot: The human demands that the party surrender all their gold, or they will die. The party say they have no gold, at which point the human bandit demands all of their armour, weapons and gear instead.

The marine snorts in derision and makes motions to ride off; at which point the dwarf launches a crossbow bolt at his steed but it whizzes past harmlessly. The party fights back... we have a combat! Between the marine's own crossbow and the wizard's magical rays that fly out of his fingers they kill the woodland creature almost instantly!

The bandit falls to a single shuriken from the thief, which is thrown with such force it removed his arm at the elbow!

The dwarf is shocked by magical rays from the wizard, twice before Korm Tigertooth closes him down and rams his mithril tipped spear into his neck, then operates it like a saw, cutting his head off!

Searching around, the party find a treasure chest. The wizard opens it - there is the sound of a glass vial smashing and poison gas escapes from the chest! There is much coughing and spluttering but only the wizard himself is affected; he begins to feel weak...

Inside the chest is nothing but a hat. The marine and the thief try it on and find that their appearance alters based on what they are thinking about - a magical hat!

And that was the end of the session.

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