Tuesday, 14 April 2009

At last - a map of Summit!

At last, I've done it - I've made a map of Summit for our homebrew Labyrinth Lord campaign in photoshop!

White lines represent roads, while black lines outlined in blue are rivers.

Hills, mountains, forests, swamps, lakes, the sea and grasslands are all represented in the hexes and should be fairly easy to discern.

Places of interest:

Apolis: A large, well defended and well populated city.

Blackport: A den of villainy, they say the Black Hand can be found here, operating with the full consent of the tyrant who rules.

Bramble: An elven village ruled by a reformed dark elf who happens to be an amazing swordsman.

Castle Thorvid: Lord Thorvid trains fighters from his imposing castle, while prize fighters duel for his entertainment in the arenas within.

Cavestone: A dwarven mine that was recently plagued by attacks by gnomes.

Dagger Forest: A dangerous place of wolves and who knows what else.

Dewton: A small farming village with good trade links.

Everleaf Forest: Teeming with elves, unicorns and fairy folk, but be wary, the Everleaf conceals other secrets and not all of them are nice...

Lyorel: A small fishing village built around a lake that some say is falling under the spell of a mysterious cult.

Meister's Mansion: They say the Meister is a great songsmith and teacher of bards.

Mongrelmen Tribe: A tribe of gnolls who trade frequently with the men of Summit - but also eat them!

Monrag Swamp: The home of witches and other foul things; few would travel through here willingly.

Mount Red: A red tipped mountain that some say is the entrance to the realm of Fire.

Shadow Wood: A place of fell sorcery where the dead walk. There are rumours of a vast underground complex beneath it.

Splinter Hills: A range of hills peopled by wandering nomads and bandits.

Temple of the Western Angels: The seat of power for the Druids, who loosely rule the land.

The Great Northern Hills: A vast expanse of hills that surround the craggy mountains.

The Haunted Lands: Said to be ruled over by the mysterious Yellow King, a man not known for his curtesy to strangers...

The Labyrinth: They say it contains great treasure... and the odd monster or two ;-)

Tower of sorcery: Only mages can ever enter the tower, seeking its powerful secrets to bolster their own knowledge.

Twisted Tower: Said to be in need of assistance as danger bubbles up from below...

Undermound: A sleepy halfling town built into the hillside.

Veleye: A religous town they say is home to a dark cult.

Getting around
In a day, 12 movement points are available for travel...

Movement costs by terrain and mode of transport:

TerrainOn footHorsebackBy boatBy Air
(1/2 hex
per day)
(1/2 hex
per day)
Road1/2 cost1/2 cost
ImpassableNo effect
River +2+4
No effect
(Swimming, 1/2 a
hex per day)
(Swimming, 1/3 of
a hex per day)
3 (high winds)


AzaLiN said...

How do you handle random encounters anyway?

The Recursion King said...

Since posting that, I've abandoned the movement point system as it's just too complex. Instead we move three hexes on roads, two on grass and one on other terrain. That's worked fine.

Random encounters are handled by a program I have made. This program is given a number of hitdice as 'points' to spend on the encounter. It then looks in an encounter 'group' (e.g. undead) and begins spending these points until it runs out. So for example, with 10 points, it may choose four skeletons (4HD), one zombie (2HD) and one Son of Kyuss (4HD). It then goes on rolls on various treasure charts to see what they have, then encounter distance and surprise charts and finally gives me some general info on the terrain features (e.g. is there undergrowth, how flat is the battlefield and so on).