Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The psychic character class - for Labyrinth Lord

This is a new character class for Labyrinth Lord and is a reimiganing of the second edition AD&D version. To use this class you will need either the psionics handbook or the psionic spell cards. I myself purchased the cards, then knocked up this character class based on those cards.

The psychic was born with a brain capable of manifesting supernatural powers. As such, his are available from birth or as soon as he becomes aware of them during adolescence. He does not acquire new psionic powers over time; instead, he becomes better able to control and manifest them. He gains d6 hit points per level and uses the Elf advancement table and saving throws. He has an initial starting psychic power point score as his total Wisdom and Intelligence combined which he uses up when he uses his psionic abilities. These psychic power point's are recovered at a rate of 40 per day (providing a good nights rest was gained - 8 hours - otherwise only 20 are recovered). Upon levelling up, d10 extra are gained.

The psychic has an ability from each psionic discipline, determined at random. The psionic disclipines are:

Psychic Contact: The contacting of other minds by the psychic, sometimes in a hostile manner.
Psychoprotection: The defences against contact by other psychics.
Clairsentience: Expanding the senses beyond their normal limits.
Psychokinesis: Affecting other external objects in the world.
Metapsionics: Boosting psionic powers and abilities.
Psychometabolism: The psychic affecting his own body - or the body of another living creature.
Telepathy: Knowing - or changing - the thoughts of another.

To determine them at random, take the cards and sort them into these disciplines, then shuffle each deck. Split the cards and the top power is the one that the psychic knows. Do this for each school. Psychic contact contains the psychic attacks and psychoprotection contains the defences. Ignore the psychic combat cards, these will not be necessary. Alternatively, make some random tables from the psionic handbook. There were very few powers I had to remove from my campaign to make this class work; I recommend removing all healing and magical effect type powers (e.g. melting metals and such).

To manifest a power, the psychic spends the required power points but does not have to make an ability check. Instead, if the power operates on another, the other gets a save vs spell and any magic resistances apply, to resist the power.

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