Friday, 6 March 2009

The Prizefighter - a new Character Class for Labyrinth Lord

The Prizefighter is a fearless bare knuckle boxer who is lethal with his bare hands. This brawler uses them frequently and without warning. He sneers at anyone who goes into combat using weapons, preferring to literally pummel his enemies into submission with his hardened fists and lightning reflexes.

The Prizefighter cannot wield weapons of any kind except to throw daggers and darts at opponents; he is otherwise exclusively an unarmed fighter extraordinaire.

Advances as a fighter, with fighter hitpoints, experience points and saving throws. His prime ability is also strength.

Level one
May kick an opponent for d3 damage and the opponent must make a save vs paralysis or suffer the effects of a knockback* if the opponent is mansized. If the opponent is smaller, the opponent suffers a -4 on his saving throw.

May strike with both fists in a round but the second attack counts as an off hand attack and occurs with a -4 penalty to the attack roll**. If both fists strike the target, the Prizefighter is allowed a third fist attack, at no penalty to hit.

Level two
The Prizefighter may follow two successful fist strikes in the same round with an immediate kick attack.

The Prizefighter gains an immediate counter attack against an opponent who misses him with a melee attack; this counter attack is made as a normal attack roll and is a single fist strike. Rings of protection, if any are worn, grant an attack roll bonus of +1 for each point of protection, for the counter attack to-hit roll.

Level three
May elect to follow two successul fist attacks immediately, by locking an opponent's limb, or he may use this ability on a prone or stunned opponent. Locking limbs works on humanoid, living opponents only and on opponents of lesser level than the Prizefighter. The opponent must make a save vs paralysis or have his limb restrained by the Prizefighter. The opponent must then make a save vs paralysis every round, with a -4 penalty, or be unable to act. At will, the prize fighter may attempt to break the limb by making a successful strength check, causing d6 points of damage and forcing the opponent to make a save verse paralysis or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. Opponents who have a limb broken must instantly make a morale check. If the opponent is larger than the Prizefighter (e.g. an Ogre) she receives a +4 bonus to all saving throws mentioned.

Level four
May elect to follow a successful kick attack immediately with a knee attack. This attack deals d2 damage, and the opponent must make a save vs paralysis or be stunned for one round. This can be in addition to being knocked back; in which case, she is knocked prone. The opponent must be man sized or smaller, humanoid and living (e.g. not magical or undead).

Level five
If both fists strike an opponent in the same round, the Prizefighter may elect to follow them immediately with a head butt attack, inflicting d4 damage if it hits. This attack is made with a +4 to bonus.

Level six
Counterattacks may also be made with kick attacks, at the Prizefighter's discretion.

Level seven
If both fists strike an opponent in the same round, the Prizefighter may elect to immediately follow them up with a neck break. In addition, a neck break may be attempted on a prone or stunned opponent. This works only on man size opponents or less and on opponents of lower level than the Prizefighter. The opponent must make a save vs paralysis, or have her neck snapped like a twig. This effectively puts the combatant out of the battle and will paralyse her for life. Neck breaks also inflict d10 damage on an opponent.

Level nine
Counterattacks with fists are now made with both of them as two attacks, but no subsequent combos may be chained on the end of this.

Level twelve
Neck breaks may be attempted on unaware opponents. The Prizefighter does not inherently have any supernatural move silent ability like the thief - this ability will never apply in a combat situation. The victim must be heavily distracted or otherwise engaged or will become aware of the Prizefighter before the attempt is made, automatically foiling it.

Level fifteen
The Prizefighter gains his full complement of attacks and options when counter attacking an opponent. For example, he may hit attack with both fists, then if they are successful, follow it with a kick and if that was successful, a knee. However, the first miss breaks the combo completely.

*Knockbacks push an opponent five feet directly backwards. If the opponent cannot be pushed back because the way is blocked, she takes an additional point of damage instead.

**Unless wearing a cestus on the off hand, which is designed for off hand fighting and therefore incurs no penalty on the attack roll.

New Equipment

Knuckle dusters, 1gp, elevates all unarmed damage to lethal status. i.e. unarmed attacks will kill and not knock out an opponent.

Gauntlets (come with platemail, scalemail, chainmail and splint mail armours). Increase unarmed damage to d3 points for the Prizefighter only.

Cestus, 5gp, 1lb, d3 damage and no penalty to hit when used in an off hand attack.

The DM is encouraged to throw some magical variants of these into his treasure troves, from time to time.

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