Sunday, 22 March 2009

Animate dead is awesome!

The party fights the hardest battle they've ever fought - voluntarily too I might add; 40 hit dice worth of giant ants that are crawling all over a bridge and stripping it of wood! Up against the insects are a 4th level cleric, a 2nd level fighter and a 4th level dwarf; they've funneled the ants into a tunnel and the ants can only come at them one at a time. After the fight is over, only the cleric still lives but the experience points push him to level five... he retreats from the nest and back to the local town to train.

He pays the fee and trains to become fifth level. In so doing, he gains access to the level three cleric spells and decides to memorise Animate Dead. He's joined by his psychic companion, a prize fighter with a bunch of phobias that include fleeing from darkness and screaming around clowns and the mage who has now invented her own brand of fire magic and returns with a whole bunch of unique spells. The motley crew goes back into the nest, fights a couple of giant ants (which the prize fighter defeats by knocking both of them off the aforementioned bridge and into the chasm below with his flying kick attacks) and then retreats back to rest. This group is lower level than the previous and very ability based; the psychic has used up all of his power points and the cleric and mage most of their spells, so they figured resting would be a good idea.

During the night though, they are ambushed by two elven archers. They archers have been tracking them for a while and are in the employment of the Druids of the West, sworn enemies of Tarantio. The Druids are the embodied of Law in the Land, whereas Tarantio and his dark cult embody chaos. There is a brief parlay where Tarantio attempts to talk his way out of the situation but the Elves powers of divination and lying detection spells undo his attempt - a fight is on!

The Elven archers try to bring the cleric down in a hail of bow fire but it does not work; instead, they are themselves shot by arrows and sling bullets. Then, the most awesome thing happens. Tarantio uses his animate dead spell. On the Elves that were sent to kill him. Only now, they are zombies that serve him. Do you want to know the duration of the spell? It's permanent. They will serve him forever. This is just too good for words. I think we've found one of the most awesome spells in D&D!

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