Sunday, 29 March 2009

...almost to the limits of the living room!

The group expands... almost to the limits of the living room!

We were joined by two new players in our latest Labyrinth Lord session, my old buddy Chris and his elven year old son Joe. Joe has never played a pen and paper RPG before (same with Mike and Ben when I started running this) but he seemed to do fine, even though his Gnoll had only one hitpoint, amazingly, he's still alive at the end of the session. I'm not sure if he'll make it to level two though, time will tell.

The party awaken and the Gnoll screams in horror - their equipment is crawling with scarab swarms! Cue a battle that almost destroyed an undead elven archer - that the dark cleric commands - as the scarabs swarm over its rotting flesh, reducing it to a skeleton!

With four players now I can really only fit one more on the settee in the living room so I'm almost at capacity. It's quite tricky to judge what level to bring new characters in at, especially with the party cleric being fifth and the party thief being fourth, but I figured lets bring them in at first and see what happens. Certainly, if they can make it to second level, they stand a fair chance of gaining a few levels as they higher level (relatively speaking) character's advancement slows down. It worked out ok, with the vulnerable characters being protected by the strong.

Tarantio is attacked during the night by a pesky elven archer and his very big pet bird. See if you can spot the thief, who is trying his best to hide in shadows ;-)

We'll see what happens as they continue to explore the caves with the giant insects in. I'm going to recommend to them that they consider taking some hired help with them as the party is quite low on straight combat muscle (a cleric, a thief, an elf and a gnoll). Overall though, the game session went really, really well :-)

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