Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The evolution of the desktop

Been a while since I did a tech related post but I spotted an interesting news story that I thought I would share with you... a new OS called Good OS that lets users boot into a web browser and run pretty much every day tasks without loading up windows.

I see this as being the logical next step.

The desktop paradigm made sense when we all used floppy disks to move data from point to point and we needed big bulky programs on our machines to get stuff done. Now, however, we can get a hell of a lot of that same stuff done using a web browser (and often free) online services. So the desktop has reached out and embraced the web; but how long before we no longer need the desktop with its multi gigabytes of garbage, I wonder, and just have a thin layor that takes us straight to the web. Of course, you have to nail privacy and security issues, but say you do and you may well be looking at the future of computing. I already use the web for my email, documents and so forth. Now if only my dev tools ran online... ;-)

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