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Labyrinth Lord sample adventure notes

Here were my notes for the recently played sample adventure from Labyrinth Lord for anyone that might find them useful. I pretty much went through every event in the adventure and jazzed it up with some descriptive text. Anyway, here are the notes...

Approaching the mine

As you approach the location of the old mine, the forest reveals skeletal remains to you here and there - skeletons of humanoids that have had their gnawed clean by misshapen teeth. The once boisterous forest holds its tongue more and more until you reach the hill itself, a hill that is shrouded in an oppressive silence. Not even bird song is heard around here, or the howl of distant wolves. You catch site of a bloody maw set into the hill side - a large thirty foot hole lined with sharp stakes and leading into a total darkness. Surrounding it are cacasses of deer and people, scattered haphazardly as if thrown there by a bored giant.

The cave

Light illuminates the cave only for a very short distance and then the passage is thrown into a total pitch black. The cave has a high ceiling that is hung with glistening stalagtites and the floor is uneven and wet. The chittering of what you assume to be bats can be heard from time to time and you can see your breath in the cold air.

Area 1

You step into the alcove and are peering at an odd green fungus that is growing amongst the stalagmites when suddenly, with a wet glooping noise, a mass of dark green jelly ooze drops from the ceiling onto [character with lowest wisdom]. He lets out a stuttering, muffled cry and tries to throw this rubbery mess off of him! [dex check or automatic damage from acid if wearing a helmet - otherwise automatic damage!] Damage - X screams in agony as acid burns into his flesh!

Area 2

Your flickering torch light illuminates many figures standing stock still in the pitch darkness, but as you approach you realise that they are but stalagmites - You are not being observed dozens of dark figures. The cavern is littered with gnawed bones and other stinking refuse. Whoever - or whatever - has left these bones here appears to be absent. A large crevasse is visible on the other side of the room, past the gravelly floor.

* Slipping - X slips on the loose gravel and disappears into the pit with a scream that ends as abruptly as it begins!

Area 3

Trap - There is a slight cick and then a loud crash as part of the ceiling comes down without warning, crushing any who are under it and masking their cries of pain! Dust billows out from under the rock fall. [It may alert the denizens of area 4 who will send a single soldier to investigate]

Area 4

You hear footsteps and grip your weapons nervously! Almost a half dozen of the Pale Devils come running at you from inside the darkness of this large cavern; their teeth bared, their dead eyes a piggish pink and their skins an odd white. Their wet muscles glint eerily in the torch light. They carry small sharp blades which they wield clumsily, grunting and shouting as they do so, closing in on your party surprisingly quickly.

The door is a Large Double door.

Area 5

This is a room and not a cave - it is man made and must be part of the old mine system proper. There is a tattered and faded curtain at the back of the room.

Albino ape - surprised. A large colourless muscular creature is ripping into a the body of a man with powerful jaws and looks up at you as you enter. Its large black eyes narrow and then widen as it throws down its meal onto the dirty floor. It rears up to its full height - some eight foot in all, beats its fists against its mighty chest then lets out a loud bellow as it lumbers towards you!

Albino ape - unsurprised. As you enter, a muscular creature without colour that is about as large as any bear you have ever seen beats its fists against its mighty chest. It snorts in what could be derision as it eyes your party up and down, then comes clamboring towards you on all fours with frightening speed. It rears up on its hind legs as it reaches you, gnashing its disfigured teeth together hungrily before emitting a bone chilling bellow.

Albino ape - slain and party in good shape. As the mighty beast falls, the cry of something else reaches your ears as a pallid figure charges into the room through the southern archway and joins the battle! Behind it, standing ominously in the doorway, is a cowled figure who's eyes burn with a seering hatred and whose long white fingers fidget to an unheard tune. It roars something unintelligable in a deep and commanding voice!

Cowled figure - cause fear success - The pallid figure mumbles something you cannot quite make out and then places a withered hand against a patch of your bare skin. A rare panic comes over you as this happens and you run for your life hysterically, as far away and as fast as you can - all you know is that you must escape this unknown enemy for it is pure terror that envolopes you.

Cowled figure - cause light wounds - The hooded figure utters a word and its fingers dance across your flesh nimbly, withering wherever they touch and you recoil in horror as your flesh blisters!

Cowled figure - cure light wounds - The robed one's pink eyes flash briefly with divine power and suddenly the Pale Devil's wounds are regenerating!

Area 6

Beyond the curtain is an even muskier stink. Whether it comes from the carcasses of half eaten sheep or from the stained sleeping mat is not known but what is evident is that this is where the great beast you faught must have spent much of its time.

Area 7

You step into a room with a half dozen straw beds in it. A musky smell emanates from them and you turn to leave in discust when you realise you are not alone; three groggy looking pallid figures are stirring in the beds, grunting as they rise, reaching for nearby weapons and rubbing their odd pink eyes as they do so.

Area 8

A low whimpering can be heard from the left as your eyes follow the wall along this long but narrow hallway. There are four days interrupting it and there is blood and hair on the floor. [400 xp for rescuing the acolytes, treat as level zero clerics]

First door - Whimpering female teenage Acolyte (Caley Dugan daughter of Grant the Soothsayer, daughter of Cornell , daughter of Bryant )
Second door - Stairs down?
Third door - Higher order babboon that has been captured by the Morlocks but not yet trained up to fight. Its fur has been painted white in patches as though they have tried to make it albino.
Fourth door - Second teenage acolyte (Cocidius Haren son of Channon the Soldier, son of Nolen , son of Farrell )

Area 9

You cough from the dust that you have disturbed in this room, which appears empty save for a single small wooden box.

Area 10

You enter an an oval shaped from the north side.

[Not alerted] A cowled figure kneels in prayer in front a of statue of an ugly female brute holding a dagger with three skulls strung around her waist with a cord. Startled, the figure rises to his feet and you see a mad glint in his pink eyes. He is surrounded by an aura of fey and fetid power. He quickly barks an unintelligable order and from the other side of the room, where there is a grotesque male statue with its arms in the air holding head of a dwarf by its beard, another of the Pale Devil's rushes to fulfil his dark master's order.

[Alerted] On the west side of the room is a grotesque male statue with its arms in the air, holding the head of a dwarf by its beard and on the other side of this oval shaped room is another statue; this time of an ugly female brute holding a dagger. Somene has strung three skulls around the statue's waist - but of more immediate importance to you is the cowled figure and his Pale Devil body guard that stands beside him. Both have drawn wicked looking blades and are growling in the gloom. The robed one barks an unintelligable order and the other moves in front of it and utters what can only be described as a gutteral war cry!

Area 11

Pit trap - X steps onto a flagstone and suddenly disappears into a dark pit, crying out briefly as he quickly disappears from view!

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