Monday, 6 October 2008

Items, items, items

When I started on the items for Dungeon Creep I went down the usual route, that is, coming up with weapons of different types, armours that protect various hit locations, and so on. I came up with over two hundred items to be exact and all was going well.

Then I scrapped them. All of them.

You're probably wondering why. In the Pit of Penance, there is really no reason for weapons and armour to be down there. The Pit a horrible place where the Law Lords throw criminals to die; society does not care what happens to them so long as they are out of the way. These criminals would not be armed when being banished into the Pit, after all, there are no spectators - it's not a form of entertainment like a gladiatorial arena. There is no baying mob. No crowd favourites. Those sentenced to the Pit never return.

So I began thinking about weapons and armour from a very different perspective. What could be found, scavenged and used for the purpose of survival? Could weapons and armour be assembled together out of bits of other things, almost like primitive societies did? Suddenly, designing this became a lot more interesting than thinking up another suit of platemail armour. What sort of everyday items would be down there? What could they be assembled into?

This led me into thinking about the other side of creation too: destruction. Breaking items apart to get other items out of them. Fun stuff to think about. Perhaps taking a chair and busting it apart to get the legs, then adding nails to make a spiked club. That sort of thing.

This is how Dungeon Creep will work, the hero will be combining and breaking items to make improvised weapons and even armour. This concept totally suits the brutal and gory nature of the combat. It was worth redoing my item system to get this in there, even if it did set me back a few days of development time.

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