Wednesday, 16 July 2008

To be honest, sometimes I just switch it off and on again

Does anybody remember the advert that ran on British television recently for a military technician type job on board a nuclear submarine? In it, a technician boldy proclaimed that sometimes he would just switch it off and back on again. At the time I thought it was quite a funny line of dialogue to put into a job advert and that it was probably true; but now I know it is.

Our nuclear subs, you see, actually run on Windows 2000. See Submarine Command System (SMCS) (United Kingdom), COMMAND INFORMATION SYSTEMS - MARITIME and SMCS ... which, when I read articles like this Unpatched Windows PCs own3d in less than four minutes it doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence! You see, you can garruantee that those subs are most definitely *not* hooked up to the web receiving OS updates from Microsoft...

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