Friday, 20 June 2008

Firefox 3 Vulnerability

Firefox 3 gets released and becomes the most downloaded program ever (8 million or so downloads in the first day). Mozilla is understandably very happy about this. However, just hours later, a security flaw is uncovered by security firm TippingPoint and submitted to Mozilla for fixing. So embarrassment all round.

Except, being the cynic I am and knowing how I would do things, I bet TippingPoint found this bug out in the open source code during the round of beta testing, but held back on submitting it. This way, they could make quite a name for themselves on the web by being the first to uncover a vulnerability in the new web browser. Very clever. It's exactly what I would have done, too.

Spectre Software reforms

After a long hiatus, Chris and I have reformed Spectre Software. Not that we ever disbanded, mind, just took a break from making projects for a few years. That sounds like a long time when it's written down like that, but it's not really. We used to make games together for a lot longer a while ago, from ones in Euphoria that ran on DOS to ones in Director. We're remaking our Magefire game in Flash so that it can be played within a web browser, and for free. Magefire is a battle of wizards that is represented as a turn based strategy game. Its roots are the all time classic Chaos (which it owes a lot of inspiration too) as well as the lesser known sequel Lords of Chaos.

Over the years, we have made this game many times. Different versions have had different capabilities (for example, Magefire Online would allow you to play your opponent by email and Magefire 3D was - you guessed it - in 3D). We keep remaking it because the basic idea and the core of it is actually very good and quite addictive once you get it. Of course, with a game of this ilk and in this age of decreasing attention spans, getting it is the problem. So this time around our aim is to make the most accessible and easy to play version ever in order to bring new players into this genre. Wish us luck!

Oh and by the way, the website is hopelessly out of date, I'm not sure what to do with that at the moment, its a very low priority.