Friday, 21 September 2007

Analysis of iPod and iPhone: Has Apple stuffed up the UK launch?

As you may know Apple recently made its big announcement about the date of the iPhone launch in the UK. This is hot on the heels of a new iPod lineup being made available, a lineup that interestingly includes the iPod Touch.

Now the iPod Touch is basically the iPhone, minus all the phone parts, so you cannot call anyone on it, but what you do get is a very nice touch screen interface to your music, a WIFI enabled web browser and the much touted Coverflow. Coverflow is a way to browse your music collection by looking at the album covers and its really quite nice; it has been in iTunes for a while now providing some pretty cool eye candy.

So has this stuffed up the UK launch of the iPhone? Maybe. The iPod touch costs £200 for an 8gb version, whereas the iPhone costs £269 for 8gb of storage - so far so good. You can pick up the 16gb iPod Touch also for £269, making direct comparisons possible. Twice the storage space but no phone. Sounds like a fair trade, right? Well its not quite as simple as that.

Because the iPhone is a phone (duh!) it also has to have a carrier. Apple have chosen O2 for this role and they want to make a lot of money on the network plan for this phone. See here. To summarise, they want to charge £35 a month in a contract that lasts 18 months. Total cost is £899!!

So the real comparison is this: £899 for an 8gb iPhone, or £269 for a 16gb iPod Touch. It seems a no brainer to me if you were in the market for a state of the art music player which one to go for...

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

A creative outlet

I have set up a new blog known as Creative Chasm as an outlet for my creative urges. I had one last night after watching the film 23 starring Jim Carey that made me put "pen to paper" (virtually) and write a bit about the idea of Boltzmann Brains which I had recently read about in New Scientist. The blog will cover short stories and poems with a fantasy, horror or science fiction theme.

So, if you fancy something a little different, check out the Creative Chasm blog.

Friday, 7 September 2007


Today I'm flying the flag of victory because the UK government is going to force the BBC to make its iPlayer software multiplatform. This is all thanks to an online ePetition that managed to attract sixteen thousand signatures. I blogged about this previously here.

It is now officially time for the BBC to get a clue about technology instead of relying on Microsoft's biased advice - event the UK government thinks so!

A victory for the people :)

Monday, 3 September 2007

Sony rootkit strikes again!

You may remember the rootkit that Sony secretly installed onto Windows user's machines without the owners permission when they played certain CD's which was capable (like all rootkits) of hiding files from the operating system. Malware authors seized this as an opportunity to use the rootkit to hide their viruses/spyware/adware from anything on the OS - including tools designed to remove just such software. Such is the power of the rootkit - it modified the windows kernel.

Well guess what - Another Sony rootkit worms its way to the surface - its time to stop trusting Sony, folks. Once is a mistake, but being caught cheating twice is unforgivable. Time to break up with them and find some other pretty Asian electronics manufacturer to have a love affair with, peeps.