Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Vista too flabby for the 2008 Olympics

More bad news for Vista - The Olympic Committee chooses XP over Vista clearly demonstrating that big business finds it too risky to install the new OS (something discussed briefly in the previous post: Please hold, all our operators are busy rebooting Vista....) and in line with what you would expect if we are indeed heading slowly but surely for the tipping point.

So that's 12,000 desktop PC's and 800 laptops that could have been running Vista and won't be. I bet that there are some linux advocates out there kicking themselves that linux isn't mature enough for this kind of situation because if it were, I have a feeling that it wouldn't be Windows XP that was chosen, it would be Linux. Of course, if it were up to me I would say put them all on Tiger but I bet that the cost of all those Apple Macs that would be required effectively priced that right off the page, even if it would have been a great idea (and they would have got wireless internet thrown in the mix too, thanks to the user friendly Airport tech, but I digress).

I have a feeling that some of the Microsoft executives are way more pissed off than any linux advocates though. They would have loved their flagship OS to have been chosen by the Olympic Committee, as it is, it looks bad for Microsoft even if financially it isn't.

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