Thursday, 9 August 2007

Roll your own SWF with MTASC, dude

I'm really liking working with MTASC, the open source actionscript compiler which supports AS 2 and the haXe language (something I've not used but I have checked out the language features and I'm pretty impressed).

Im currently using MTASC with Flash Develop on a Windows XP machine and as a hardcore coder at heart I love being able to create SWF's without using the heavyweight Flash IDE, which in most cases I feel to be totally unnecessary. Why do I need a timeline, after all? I can structure my programs just fine without one thanks.

The IDE is still useful however for doing things like laying screens out, which means the only Actionscript code in the FLA in a scenario like this is just to wire together the Classes (which do all the real work) and the interface textfields, movieclips and components.

This workflow of FlashDevelop and MTASC works very well indeed, but it is somewhat PC-centric. I'm still getting my Mac workflow on its feet with Textmate (works fine on my Tiger machine but complains loudly on my Panther iBook and I'm not familiar enough with the compiler to know why). Still, I'll get it set up even if I have to use Director to create a front end to the MTASC compiler!

If anyone else is thinking about going down this route of using MTASC to create SWFS, here is a useful links that solved some issues I had... Roll your own Delegate clas.

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