Friday, 10 August 2007

Heading for the tipping point

The recent blog entry
Apple's Mac Set to Soar by Lance Ulanoff discusses John C DVorak's own acceptance of the Mac as his primary platform and sees that the future belongs to the Mac. I agree that Mac marketshare will continue to grow as Apple continues to put quality machines on the marketplace and more PC users become educated that OSX offers a better user experience than Windows. To quote the PC World article I've linked to...

To put it simply, Apple's Macintosh is becoming the most logical choice for those looking to buy a new computer.

I regularly use both platforms (PC at work and Mac at home) and know for sure which I prefer. It isnt the one that forces me to go through some convaluted uninstall process when I want to get rid of software and then asks me if I want to delete shared files (what the fuck?), its the one that lets me drag a program I don't want into the trash and forget about it!

(Update) A friend of mine pointed out that this may be true for home users but it isn't for business users. A very good point. However, this just popped into my RSS reader which suggests that the future of business user operating systems may not be Windows, either... Automaker Peugeot Converts 20,000 Desktops To Linux

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