Thursday, 28 June 2007

Radio Frequency ID Devices in Humans - Orwellian society alert

The American Medical Association wants implantable RFID chips in humans. The tiny rice grain-sized chips could be safely implanted with a needle. Here is the actual document where the case is made, despite the obvious privacy and health issues.

Every week it looks more and more we're heading for an Orwellian society.


lukedylan2001 said...

Already RFID chips are being implanted for private purposes, i.e a bar in Spain uses implanted chips for cashless payment...

Didn't Nostradamus predict bar codes in the palms of hands etc, something to do with the devil. Maybe I'm getting my wires crossed.

The Recursion King said...

Shocking stuff, I didn't realise that any of this was actually being used at this point in time.

As for the prediction about bar codes and the devil, it comes from the bible and revelations "the mark of the beast".